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Think Different Build Better

A systematic, ingrained attitude and approach to getting better.

Video: TDBB - Chain Link Breaker

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The Think Different, Build Better (TDBB) Program was developed to highlight Fluor Driver’s Core Purpose, while at the same time capturing the new innovations that have traditionally been the lifeblood of Fluor Driver and then rewarding those whose actions displayed in this TDBB culture.


At its roots, the TDBB Program is an innovation program, where members of the Fluor Driver team submit their innovations for review. Whether it is the automatic delivery of pay stubs, a new cladding installation tool that increases safety or the implementation of a new engagement program, all innovations are welcome and the entire team is involved. These innovations are then judged on a quarterly basis and two winners a chosen.


The winners receive a quarterly prize and then compete for the grand prize at the end of the year, receiving rewards and recognition for their accomplishments. The winning innovations are also captured in Fluor Driver created video, to help perpetuate the culture of thinking differently, while at the same time acting to share the innovations throughout the group. To ensure none of these innovations are lost from project to project, all innovations are kept on file and reviewed by new project teams to see what innovations can be carried over to new projects to bring our clients best value and ensure our continued improvement. 

Read about some of the team's innovations!

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