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We have been performing tank maintenance to our clients as part of the overall maintenance program. Tank programs, through a combination of self perform and subcontract services include:

  • Cleaning (subcontract)

  • API 653 Inspection (subcontract)

  • Coatings (subcontract and direct)

  • Platework, shells, floors, roofs  etc. (direct)

  • E&I (direct)

Internals (direct)

  • Steam coils

  • Floating suctions

  • Agitators

External (direct)

  • Piping

  • Pumps

  • Fire protection


Fluor Driver tank programs and projects history:

  • NARL – tank refurbishment (floor, annular ring, rafters, floating roof)

  • Imperial Kearl – tank maintenance

  • Imperial Harmattan – tank maintenance

  • Husky White Rose –  ballast tanks

  • Irving Oil and Enbridge – home office tank program management

Tanks maintenance
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