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Fluor Driver has a robust turnaround management program supported by our proprietary manual. We have successfully applied this manual and its concepts on a global basis and have supported multiple outages in Alberta for our clients.


We have provided ongoing outage work across operating units and recently completed a major turnaround which peaked above 350 craft.


Fluor Driver was an integral part of the shutdown and outage cycles at one of our client's facilities. We ultimately were able to respond to peak loading events with a workforce comprised of site-knowledgeable workers and a core team of individuals.


Key elements of our turnaround program address scope management, planning, pre-work, outage work, post-outage work, operations engagement, turnover, cost control, change management, and forecasting. Through the application of both our turnaround manual and skilled site leadership, we have seen wrench time above 60 percent during an outage.

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